Technology and its various applications occupy all different fields, and the impact of digital transformation and modern technology on logistics services has been clearly visible, and the smart pallet is one of the modern technological techniques, through which sensors have been introduced that ensure communication and traceability to know the exact location of the goods in the actual time, as well as Knowing the most important stages that these goods have gone through in the supply chain and other important matters, and in this article we will show you all the details about the smart pallet and its most important characteristics.

What is a smart pallet?

The logistics industry tries to find various suitable solutions that meet the requirements of the customers as well as make the maximum use of the company’s resources.

To achieve this goal, a number of industrial Internet of Things technologies have been introduced, and the blockchain has been introduced into smart platforms and linked to programs that supervise and manage logistics services.

A smart pallet is that support that is provided via a suite of sensors and trackers, which monitors the journey of goods along the supply chain.

The smart pallet helps logistics managers in any company to follow the movements of goods and know their location as well as the most appropriate conditions in which they can be stored.

What are smart pallet characteristics?

smart pallet

The smart pallet has a number of great features and advantages, and although it is still under experiment and has not spread widely, its advantages are effective and useful.

And the following are the most important the features:

  • Recognize the locations of goods in real time.
  • Track the journey of goods throughout the supply chain.
  • Ensuring the application of the conditions of storage of goods.
  • Strict control of the movement of goods in and out of the warehouse.
  • Provide updated information on merchandise.
  • The possibility of linking it with warehouse management systems and obtaining a larger database.

Smart pallets: control over pallet movements 

Smart pallets effectively help in controlling the movements of goods, and will also enhance the storage and transportation of goods, through the use of smart sensors.

Therefore, smart pallet is the ideal solution for pallet automation, which will reduce errors during transportation of goods, and will greatly improve the efficiency of logistics companies.

All of these technologies will eventually enable you to digitize your logistical processes and help you better control them.

Obstacles to the adoption of smart pallets

Despite the huge advantages that smart pallet provides, there are many obstacles that hinder their adoption.

As smart pallet technologies are so far still under development, and therefore have not yet been widely used, there are also some obstacles related to the lack of an international rule regulating the market.

Also, the process of replacing a regular pallet with a smart pallet will require the digitization of logistics management first.

and will need modern software capable of collecting all the data produced in the warehouse and converting it into useful information for the logistics manager.