The importance of multichannel ecommerce has emerged greatly in the recent period, due to its great role in providing a better experience for shoppers, and allowing them to access your products more widely. Multichannel ecommerce has also contributed to giving merchants or sellers greater access to customers, by relying on more than one channel to sell their products. There are a bunch of basic trends that have emerged a lot in 2022 around, and in this article we’ll show you the most important of those trends as well as how Diggipacks can help you get your multichannel ecommerce going.

What are the key trends in multichannel eCommerce for 2022?

Multichannel eCommerce

Due to the circumstances, the world has been through during 2020, the coronavirus pandemic, and the huge changes that have affected retail supply chain operations, a huge trend has emerged towards multichannel ecommerce.

Through which different companies began to benefit more from the smart tools and options that multichannel ecommerce provides, and the following are the most important trends for multichannel ecommerce in 2022:

1. Social media commerce

Social media platforms provide a huge and vibrant market that a large percentage of online shoppers depend on, so it is one of the hottest multichannel ecommerce trends for 2022.

Social media commerce refers to the use of different platforms, buying and selling, as well as using them to communicate with others. The most prominent of these channels are:

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • TikTok.
  • Pinterest.

2. AI in eCommerce

Artificial intelligence techniques and its various innovations effectively help in predicting the market situation as well as the shopping habits of buyers.

Which makes it one of the most important tools for providing predictive analytics and demand forecasting, so it is one of the most important multichannel ecommerce trends for 2022.

3. Augmented reality and eCommerce retail

Augmented reality innovations can be used to effectively enhance e-commerce, providing a better customer experience and giving them insight into the nature of products.

Making them feel like they are in the physical store and see the products and details themselves, these technologies enable shoppers to preview the products through phones or tablets in an enhanced way.

4. Ecommerce voice search

Many are now relying on the voice search option while shopping online, and this technology has clearly affected consumer searches as well as purchase results.

This made it one of the best technological innovations that improved sales in multichannel ecommerce this year.

Hence, online store owners need to improve search engines for mobile voice searches and websites.

5. Authentic content via video

Creating unique video content is one of the best ways in which different brands can be communicated to customers interactively, which reflects negatively on the sales of those brands.

Especially since videos about different brands, if they have strong, relevant and attractive content as well, will provide online audiences with a more personalized and unique experience.

6. Renewed focus on sustainability.

After the Corona pandemic and the huge repercussions and impacts it imposed on trade in general, everyone realized the importance of focusing on sustainability, and this was evident in various fields, not just e-commerce.

Therefore, the focus on sustainability has become one of the most important trends in multichannel ecommerce for the year 2022, which many companies and institutions are pursuing.

7. Ethical and independent business

Consumers in general avoid all actions that practice or support any unethical acts, which has made different brands focus on strong ethical values ​​in their products and services.

8. Speedy distribution and eCommerce order fulfillment

Customers are increasingly expecting quick delivery of their orders in e-commerce, which has made the integration of smart order fulfillment systems into multichannel ecommerce essential and essential.

This results in improved planning for distribution and fulfillment of customer demands, thus enhancing flexibility and customer satisfaction and loyalty to those companies.

9. Multichannel customer support

This is one of the most notable trends this year, which has resulted in an increase in access points for customer support.

Which affected positively and effectively in improving customer satisfaction by answering their various inquiries, and thus doubling sales and increasing customer confidence and satisfaction with the services provided.


10. Growth in subscription models

One of the most important problems faced by e-store owners is the difficulty of retaining customers, but despite this, e-store owners strive to confront this problem.

They did this with subscription models, which would keep customers loyal months or years into the future.

11. Dark stores

Dark stores have appeared in a big way in the recent period, which has helped a lot of e-commerce companies improve their order fulfillment quickly.

So a large number of merchants are converting some of their storage sites to dark stores, in order to stay competitive and boost online order fulfillment.

12. Assorted payment options

Providing diverse payment options is one of the most prominent trends for 2022, through which it will enhance the experience of shoppers and increase conversion rates.

Especially since a lot of shoppers abandon their shopping cart just because the payment options are limited and do not suit them, so it is better to diversify the payment options as much as possible.

13. Live-stream eCommerce

Properly executed and dynamic live broadcasting helps in increasing customer attraction to brands, as well as boosting web traffic, thus retaining existing customers and attracting new ones at the same time.

And all of this is reflected positively on the sales and ecommerce revenues of the companies themselves, which made many different companies rely on live broadcasts to promote their brands.

14. Omnichannel selling

Omnichannel selling is meant to sell various goods and services through more than one shopping channel, whether it is traditional, electronic or through third-party marketplaces.

This is one of the most prominent multichannel ecommerce trends this year, which is favored by many customers and online shoppers.

Multichannel eCommerce with Diggipacks

Multichannel eCommerce

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