Distribution management is one of the most important logistics operations, as it is one of the modern forms of management, and the interest in distribution management operations has increased due to the large size of companies. As well as the diversity of its products, the complexity of its activities, its functions and the breadth of its local and international markets.

This is in order to maximize the value of its products to customers, achieve profits and economic savings, and increase the ability to survive in large competitive markets. This contributes to achieving a high market share and thus increasing growth and giving companies a huge competitive advantage. In this article, we will show you all the details about distribution management, the difference between transportation and distribution, and the advantages of shipping logistics.

What Is Distribution Management?

It is the process concerned with managing the movement of goods from the empowering suppliers or manufacturers to the sales and distribution centers.

Or from manufacturer to wholesaler, or from wholesaler to retailer, or from retailer to end consumer through various distribution channels.

Advantages of a Distribution Management Strategy

Distribution Management

There are a lot of benefits that distribution management can bring, which makes it one of the essentials in the logistics industry.

Here are a number of points that illustrate the importance of using a distribution management strategy in business:

  • Increase the profits that the company can achieve.
  • Reduce spoilage and loss of inventory.
  • Reduce storage costs as a result of making delivery as needed.
  • Do not store products in large quantities in warehouses, only the quantity that the company needs.
  • Significantly reduce shipping charges.
  • Accelerate the delivery and delivery of products to customers.
  • Enhancing customer satisfaction as a result of the speed and accuracy of fulfilling their requests.
  • Providing a one-stop shop, thus enhancing the marketing process for buyers.

Difference between transportation and distribution

After we have learned what is meant by Distribution Management and the importance of using the appropriate strategy in Distribution Management.

We shall now turn to the distinction between transportation and distribution in general.

Many people confuse distribution and transportation, and in fact there is a big difference between the two terms.

Transportation means moving items from one place to another, and the distribution process is the system through which the different items are classified.

Then distributed in the places designated for them, so the distribution process is the most comprehensive meaning.

As it includes how the product arrives at its destination in good condition, as well as the handling of the items as required.

Moving is part of the distribution process, which involves simply moving items from one destination to another.

Also, the transportation process does not include developing any strategies for how to move products through the various distribution channels.

As the distribution process takes over this task. Thus, we differentiated between the two terms, as well as our understanding of what distribution management is.

 We can summarize the difference between transportation and distribution in the following points:

  • Transportation focuses only on taking the items from their original place and giving them to the final recipient.
  • Distribution is the systematic process of capturing and classifying items based on their destination location, including packaging, warehousing, order fulfillment, and customer interactions.

What is freight transportation?

The process of freight transportation means moving it from one destination to another for a fee, and the transportation process can be by land, air or sea.

That is, freight transportation is a paid process by which a suitable means of transportation is used to move the goods from their original place to the end user.

Advantages of Freight transportation

Distribution Management

Freight transportation offers many advantages, which can be combined with the advantages of distribution management to achieve the best business benefit.

As well as enhance customer satisfaction, The following are the main advantages of Freight transportation:

1. Reduce the risk and damage to the goods

The Freight transportation process, using appropriate means of transportation, allows you to keep the transported products, and thus reach their final destination without any risk or damage.

2. Providing door-to-door services

The Freight transportation process allows the products to be easily delivered to the end customer at his doorstep.

Which saves him time and effort in receiving them from the original location.

This feature is especially useful for those who own an online store, as it will help them send products and fulfill customer orders anytime and anywhere.

3. Reduce transportation costs

Freight transportation can help you reduce your shipping costs by working with a specialized company, such as Diggipacks.

Which will provide you with all the logistics, shipping and delivery services in the best ways, relying on experts specialized in the shipping process.

4. Provide fast delivery services

Freight transportation provides you with the ability to quickly ship customer orders, ensuring that the products or items ordered arrive without delays.

It also depends on the shipping company you will use to transport the products. Diggipacks can provide you with the fastest shipping and delivery at the lowest prices.

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Thus, making the most of the advantages of distribution management, as well as providing modern and appropriate transportation methods for the transported items at the lowest possible cost.

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