E-commerce depends on distribution centers, and in fact, businesses of all kinds need more than storage warehouses. In order for companies to compete with other brands in the market, they will also need a number of other ingredients and advantages, on top of which is experience as well as technology, hence the need for centers Distribution, which will be the alternative to traditional warehouses, especially since distribution centers provide their users with a strong infrastructure to fulfill all orders, which e-stores are looking for, where speed and accuracy in shipping orders as well as trying to reduce costs as much as possible, and in this article we will show you everything You want to know about distribution centers and their most important benefits and operations that you can benefit from.

What is a distribution center?

Before we start talking about the huge advantages that distribution centers can provide to you, we will first need to know what distribution centers are, and distribution centers are defined as:

The warehouses specialized in storing ready-made items in a simplified strategy, starting from facilitating the picking and packing processes, all the way to shipping items to the destination final.

The term distribution center is often used interchangeably with the term 3pl fulfillment center. Distribution centers also carry out the task of executing orders and other services that result in added value.

What are the differences between a distribution center and a warehouse?

distribution centers

There is a common mistake where a large number of people confuse the concepts of “distribution center” and “warehouses”,

But in fact there are differences between them, and the following are 4 differences between distribution center and warehouses:

1. Storage management

Warehouses are limited to storing items inside; as they are like a huge building with a number of shelves to store items in.

Distribution centers have a greater degree of flexibility, as they are operated by third-party logistics companies (3PL), which specialize in providing a number of innovative warehousing solutions that can reduce many of the non-essential costs,

It will also help you in optimizing the use of space, in addition to the fact that distribution centers simplify the process of shipping orders to customers, executing orders more efficiently.

2. Customer-centric processes

The second and also important difference is that warehouses in fact only provide customers with storage space, and make you pay for that space, so they do not provide any value-added services.

But distribution centers give you more, as they not only provide you with a warehousing service, but also help you improve your supply chain, in addition to providing a number of other services, such as direct shipping orders to customers.

Distribution centers provide their users with superior infrastructure and technology that provides you with best practices, helping you reduce costs and time, by taking care of logistical tasks that can make you take longer.

3. Shipping workflows

The third difference is that warehouses often cannot provide you with shipping solutions or services, that is, the warehouse is only to store your items or inventory, but if you want shipping services to customers, you must arrange the matter yourself.

This is in contrast to distribution centers that can take over the task of shipping operations to customers as well, in addition to the storage service,

Especially since distribution centers can integrate directly with e-commerce platforms, automatically sending orders to the nearest distribution center and then automatically picking and filling.

4. In-house processes

As for the fourth and final difference, warehouses lack in-house processes, as they are contained only for storing items in them.

This means that warehouses cannot help you save on storage costs or suggest, for example, some ways that you can improve your supply chain.

However, distribution centers address this point, as they focus on the accuracy and speed of orders as well as efficiency in execution by relying on modern technology, and thus providing the best ways to improve implementation processes continuously.

What are the essential distribution center processes?

After we got acquainted with the concept of distribution centers and the most prominent differences between them and traditional warehouses, we will now show you the most important basic distribution center operations,

Distribution centers in general are designed to process orders very quickly and accurately, and then ship them efficiently. The basic distribution center operations are described in some detail:

1. Receiving and storing stock

Distribution centers receive inventory and store it, after unloading and checking it well. Distribution centers provide you with easier, more effective and efficient inventory management, in addition to saving costs as much as possible.

2. Picking and Packing

Centers of Distribution improve picking and packing processes, because they are technology-enabled as technologies such as warehouse management systems are used, thus achieving more efficient workflow through improved speed and order accuracy.

3. Restocking

One of the major Center of Distribution operations is restocking, which helps you verify that you have sufficient inventory and are ready to run through.

Centers of Distribution offer you to avoid excess or shortage stock, through modern technologies such as inventory management software and various automation tools.

4. Returns Management

One of the most important operations of the major Centers of Distribution is return management.

Centers of Distribution provides you with excellent returns management, which helps in achieving customer satisfaction as well as significantly reducing logistics costs.

How diggipacks Centers of Distribution benefit ecommerce stores

distribution centers

Diggipacks technology is designed with the highest standards to serve customers better, through the modern technology that it follows, in addition to designing special applications for each customer as well as the customer control panel,

Giving customers the ability to follow up on the latest updates and reports anywhere or anytime, Diggipacks can also help you improve fulfillment and shipping. Below are a number of other services that Diggipacks can provide you with.

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Process returns quickly 

Returns to Inventory are a key feature of Diggipacks technology. As Diggipacks converts your online store revenue into a positive experience for you or your customer by quickly processing returned shipments to ensure customers get their refund as quickly as possible.

Same day processing of orders

All orders are processed and sent to shipping companies on the same day of the order, maximum at 1:00 pm of each working day,

Which means even if your order has been entered on Diggipacks systems at 12:58 pm Diggipacks will prepare it and send it to the shipping companies without any delay.

Automated API Integration

Diggipacks systems are connected directly with your website using one of your linking tools to be able to send requests to us automatically.

Once the order is made through your customers, you are not required to write to us or send your requests in excel.

Diggipacks systems are designed to send requests directly to our partners and prepare them as quickly as possible and Deliver it to your customers

Integration with other platforms

You can now integrate using our system with any e-commerce platform within 15 minutes using:

  • Magento.
  • OpenCart.
  • Shopify.
  • WordPress.