With accelerating customer expectations about services offered in e-commerce, problems with WISMO, which stands for “Where Is My Order?” has arisen. The term WISMO expresses all inquiries received from customers, and all such requests can be handled in more than one way. Examples of ways in which WISMO can be handled are emails or chatbots, other interesting and many more ways. In this article, we will show you what WISMO is, as well as how to best manage it to achieve customer satisfaction.

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What is WISMO?


Customers always want to get their orders quickly, so WISMO doesn’t have a problem, so they always want to receive updates on their orders or shipments.

What is meant by WISMO is that problem that arises when a customer does not receive their order, wondering where is my order.

This is a problem faced by many retailers and e-store owners, which can cost them the loss of customers completely.

Therefore, these merchants and e-store owners are keen to avoid the occurrence of the WISMO problem, in order to preserve the existing customers and not lose them.

Especially since the cost of acquiring a new customer is seven times the cost of maintaining an existing customer, so every effort is made to fulfill customers’ requests without any delays.

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Why is WISMO reducing your profits?

WISMO can cause huge losses and a significant reduction in profits, both for e-store owners and retailers.

This is due to its negative effects, which are represented in reducing customer satisfaction with the service provided, as well as abandoning the shopping cart and dealing with you in general.

Especially since customers hate delays in orders, and they lose confidence in the event that there is a delay in receiving their order.

This problem affects the overall customer experience, thus increasing the likelihood of losing those customers.

This threatens the company’s profits in the first place, as well as its presence in the market and in front of its competitors.

The lack of a feature that allows them to track orders makes them less satisfied with the service provided as well as more nervous and anxious.

This is perhaps one of the most important reasons why retailers and e-store owners try to avoid and address Where Is My Order issues quickly and promptly.

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Tackling the WISMO issue: How to improve customer satisfaction


WISMO issues can be easily addressed by more accurately forecasting the duration of the entire sales journey.

For example, when the order leaves your warehouse, how long do customers expect the order to reach them directly, and so on…

You can send emails to them giving them a notification that their order has left the store.

Thus, they follow up on their order moment by moment, as well as try to provide a tracking page that serves as a page to track the status of customers’ orders.

This helps in avoiding WISMO issues, as well as making customers able to monitor the flow of their orders.

All of these things besides addressing the problem of Where Is My Order, contribute to increasing customer satisfaction as well as motivating them to do business with you again and again.