Warehouse operations are getting more complex day by day, so warehouse managers need to deal with that complexity and face those pressures. One of the technologies that helps in this is warehouse slotting, which helps to better organize operations in warehouses.

In addition to its role in reducing costs significantly, so many people are considering using warehouse slotting and taking advantage of its huge advantages. In this article, we will show you all the details about warehouse slotting and its benefits, as well as its importance.

‎What Is Warehouse Slotting?‎

It is one of the processes through which inventory is arranged in warehouses, thus speeding up the process of finding and selecting goods from different shelves.

By using warehouse slotting techniques, each item in the warehouse is assigned a specific place, making it easier to find and restore it.

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‎Why Is Warehouse Slotting Important

Warehouse Slotting

The reason why warehouse slotting has gained great importance is its role in organizing the items in the warehouses.

Which has saved a lot of time and effort for the dealers. Here are some points that highlight the importance of warehouse slotting to include in your business:

    • Save space in your inventory, allowing you to store more items in your inventory without the need for a larger warehouse or purchasing storage space.

    • Reducing labor costs, as these technologies make it easier for workers to complete more tasks in less time.

    • Improving operational efficiency, allowing for faster order execution and thus better fulfillment of customer requests.

    • Reducing the time it takes to pick items from the warehouse, due to the organization these technologies cause in warehouses.

    • Increasing efficiency and saving more costs, which contributes positively to the company’s revenues in general.

    • Reduce the risks associated with stock loss, thanks to the organization enabled by warehouse slotting technologies.

    • Facilitate inventory tracking and turnover calculation.

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‎Warehouse Slotting Optimization

Slotting warehouse optimization helps you achieve more benefits, the most important of which is saving costs associated with trying to expand warehouse space or rent additional space.

In addition to its role in reducing the time spent in selecting items and processing orders.

Which contributes to enhancing customer confidence and making them happier.

This is in addition to the role of these technologies in organizing your warehouse, thus reducing the costs associated with additional labor.

Warehouse Slotting Best Practices

There are a set of effective practices that can help you in warehouse slotting, and the following are the most prominent of these practices:

1. Organize SKUs strategically

There are a lot of ways you can improve your SKUs, but if the items in your warehouse are moved in pallets or boxes the best way to store them is to use racks.

You can use the extra shelves to store items from the pallet, which is one of the most important practices of Slotting warehouse.

2. Get feedback from pickers

You can benefit from pickers to get the best feedback, especially since they are the ones responsible for picking products on the front lines.

Thus they possess appropriate feedback on how to address deficiencies and improve the workflow of your warehouse.

3. Frequently review your slotting strategy

You need to review the warehouse slotting strategy you are using periodically, especially since Slotting warehouse needs are constantly changing.

So you always need to keep up with them, helping you to maintain more modern and organized warehouse operations.

4. Organize products by demand correlation

One of the most effective Slotting warehouse practices is to organize the products you have in order according to demand statuses.

So that the highest priority is given to those products that are constantly requested, which facilitates better access to them and quick fulfillment of orders.

3 benefits to slotting your inventory

Warehouse Slotting

There are many benefits that you can enjoy by applying warehouse slotting techniques in your business.

And the following are the top 3 benefits that these technologies can provide you with:

1. Faster picking and less picking errors

One of the main benefits of warehouse slotting is that it provides faster picking operations, while keeping errors as low as possible.

This is due to the role of these technologies in organizing warehouses and arranging the items in them correctly.

Thus reducing the level of errors and increasing the speed of picking.

All of this contributes positively to lower costs incurred by the company, as well as increasing customer happiness due to fast orders and the absence of errors.

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2. More storage capacity

Warehouse slotting helps you to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse, because of the process of organizing and arranging the items that are carried out by it.

This allows the company to use the same space to store more items, thus saving costs related to warehouse expansion or leasing additional space.

3. Reduce carrying costs

These techniques work effectively in keeping very little inventory on hand, thus reducing inventory moving costs.

This is due to improved inventory management, which helps in reducing holding time as well as saving a lot of expenses.