Warehouse Order Picking can be a very difficult and stressful process if the company does not have an optimized system that enables it to pick orders accurately and quickly. Especially since Warehouse Order Picking helps effectively in reducing the time it takes to fulfill orders, as well as the speed in picking and fulfilling orders.

This means increased customer satisfaction in return for faster fulfillment of their requests, which positively affects the sales and revenues of the company itself. In this article, we will talk about Warehouse Order Picking, and offer a set of important tips about it for SMEs.

What is Warehouse Order Picking?

Warehouse Order Picking

Warehouse order picking is the process of selecting a customer’s orders from the warehouse’s inventory to fulfill his or her order.

The warehouse order picking process requires more speed and accuracy, to pick and choose the customer’s order in the shortest possible time and with the highest level of accuracy available.

In order to adequately meet customer demands, you need to check your stock levels periodically, as well as ensure that the picking and selection processes are completed accurately and quickly.

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What are the order picking procedures?

Order picking procedures differ according to the method by which the orders themselves are selected, and each method has its advantages.

The following is an explanation of the most important order picking methods and procedures:

1. Single order picking

This method comes within warehouse order picking procedures and methods, through which one order is selected at a time until the customer’s order is completed.

This method is most appropriate for smaller warehouses that handle small order volumes.

2. Batch order picking

The second order picking method and procedure in warehouses is batch order picking, in which orders are picked multiple times.

That is, pick more than one order at the same time, and this is the most suitable method for companies that often have multiple orders with the same SKUs.

3. Pick and pass

Through this method, the warehouses are divided into parts, with a worker assigned to each part, and each worker specializes in selecting the item in the part he supervises.

Thus more than one order is fulfilled at a time, and then the combined orders are passed alternately to complete the customer’s order.

4. Cluster order picking

Through this method, it is possible to work on picking more than one order at the same time, using the picking cart or the collaborative mobile robot.

This ensures that the various orders are selected accurately, with error rates kept to a minimum.

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Why is a warehouse order picking system important?

Optimizing your warehouse order picking can help you increase your warehouse’s overall ROI.

Which will positively affect the efficiency and productivity of your business, thus reducing your total costs and increasing your profit margin.

And when the warehouse order picking system is used properly, you can enjoy many distinct benefits.

Here are the main benefits of using the improved warehouse order picking system:

    • Reducing the time it takes to pick up orders.

    • Use the most suitable equipment for picking orders in your warehouse.

    • Process customer requests more accurately and quickly.

    • Save time and money and invest them in other profitable areas.

    • Automate part of your warehouse operations to save time.

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4 Key warehouse order picking tips for SMEs

Warehouse Order Picking

There are a few basic tips that can help small and medium business owners improve their warehouse order picking process. Here are the most important tips:

1. Optimize the layout of your warehouse

The first important piece of advice for small and medium businesses on improving their warehouse order picking is that they should improve their warehouse layout.

This will reduce the time spent in the selection process, and thus raise the efficiency of the selection process as much as possible.

2. Use a warehouse order-picking method that fits your business

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to optimizing warehouse order picking.

Therefore, you must choose the warehouse order picking method that is appropriate to the nature of your work and the judgment of your company itself.

Especially since choosing the appropriate method will, of course, affect your productivity and your ability and speed to meet customer requests.

There are a number of factors that you should consider when choosing the appropriate selection method for you, the most important of which are:

    • The time it takes to process the request.

    • Order size.

    • The time it takes to train employees.

    • Labor costs.

    • Warehouse size.

    • The total cost of the tools and technology needed for your business.

3. Increase picking efficiency with inventory management software

Choosing the right system can help you improve the picking process in your warehouse, especially since inventory management becomes more complex the more orders you handle.

So make sure you choose the right inventory management software for your business, which will help you improve order picking.

4. Take the time to properly train new employees

It is not just about using modern technologies and tools, you need to train your new employees appropriately.

Which will help you in enhancing the efficiency of warehouse picking, as well as reducing the time spent in the picking process and reducing errors that occur.