Whether your online business is small or has a large daily sales flow, you will know that increasing your knowledge about e-commerce shipping is a very important topic for the smoothness of your e-commerce. Shipping goods is an essential part of e-commerce business and it is also the point at which the customer experiences the product. Carriers can represent significant expenses in a business according to their shipping strategies and in this article; we will show you the best shipping method for your online store.

Ecommerce shipping

Ecommerce shipping includes all services required to transport products purchased online from a retailer to the customer’s delivery destination. With the right partner, ecommerce shipping can be easy to manage, affordable, and fast.

The most popular shipping method options in Ecommerce shipping

There is more than one strategy available to ship goods in your online store, and the following are the two most prominent methods:

  1. Free shipping

The free shipping strategy is the simplest and most popular shipping strategy as well, and perhaps its most prominent feature is that it stimulates customers to your buying experience, and in order not to cost more expenses, you should apply this strategy at a minimum of purchases, such as specifying that it is any order that exceeds $ 100. They will be shipped free of charge, therefore the cost has already indirectly covered the shipping costs.

  1. Shipping at a fixed rate or on a schedule

One of the great options for shipping is shipping at a fixed price or with a schedule, and shipping at a fixed rate means that you will impose a single fixed price on shipping any order, regardless of its value. I am about the shipping schedule,

Through which you will put a list of shipping rates for each specific region, and the shipping price increases the farther a place is Customer for the freight center itself.

Ways to choose shipping companies

Here are a number of effective and proven parties that can help you choose the right shipping company for your online store:

  1. Determining the prices and methods used for retailers before starting to ship the products:

 As the shipping company must be chosen in line with the strategies chosen by the retailer, and the freight pricing strategy used to ship the products to customers must be determined, as free shipping is one of the best ways to reduce the abandonment of the shopping basket.

  1. Calculating shipping costs compared to the profit cost of the retailers:

And choosing the lowest-cost shipping company or the best company that provides its services at prices that are not high according to the strategies set, and shipping costs can be measured through a set of elements, which are package size, bag weight, cargo weight, and country of origin And the country of destination, in addition to additional shipping options, such as tracking and insurance, so the merchant can make the appropriate decision in choosing the right shipping company for his business.

  1. Knowing the country of destination and origin of the goods to be shipped:

Then calculating the customs commission for the shipped products to add to the shipping price on the customer, and knowing which countries deal with the shipping company to be selected for shipping operations.

  1. Investing in a shipping company’s branded package:

That reduces the cost of packing products into their own packages.

How to choose the best carrier for your online store?

The shipping company is responsible for delivering other moral matters other than shipments to customers, which are your commercial standing, your concern for customers, your eagerness to gain customer loyalty; all of these matters are indirectly responsible for the product shipping company.

This is why we are keen to choose a large and ancient company that will be responsible for the success in achieving all these desired goals from the completion of the shipping process is necessary, and in the following we show you the most important terms and standards that must be available in the shipping company that you will agree with to deliver the shipments of your online store, which are:

  1. Suitable budget:

You are the only person who has the ability to set the budget and cost of shipping operations matters, so you have to determine the budget for shipping agreements before you search for companies and conclude an agreement with them, so that the selection order becomes easy and depends on factors that have been set before and you do not have to accept any of the agreements and after this you are exposed.

  1. Meeting the needs of your store:

One of the important things that you have to consider when choosing the right shipping company for your store is that this company has all the services you need to meet the needs of your store and the needs of your customers, for example if your store works to deliver shipments internationally outside the borders of your country, you will have to search and agree with a shipping company in it This service is the ability to deliver shipments internationally to anywhere in the world.

  1. Availability of quality standards:

It is also important to take into account the quality of service that any of the shipping companies will provide you with, and ensuring the quality of service that you will provide to your customers is one of the most important characteristics that you have to choose in the company more than looking for the integration of properties in one company.

As many business owners want to save time and effort and agree with one multi-service company to meet the needs they desire, and they overlook the importance of the quality of these services in the first place.

  1. Ensuring safe shipment delivery:

Ensuring the safety of shipments delivery is one of the important matters that you should not overlook to examine and ensure their availability, and how can you be sure of this? By knowing the ways and methods of delivering shipments and delivering them to customers and what are the transportation methods used during this shipping company.

How can Diggipacks help you to deliver and ship at the lowest prices in your online store?

Diggipacks has a special Fulfillment system For E-Commerce to receive your shipments, and with the click of a button, our representative comes to you to receive your products and deliver them to our warehouse, and you will get all updates through your control panel or through the special application for customers.

If you suffer from previous companies wasting your stock, shipping you more than one product in one shipment, or suffering from the ruin of your products and lack of complete care about them, Diggipacks is the solution.

Human error is possible, but with Diggipacks systems that depend on the best technical solutions, they will prevent any shipment that does not match the demands of your customers and protect you from all problems related to shipping operations.

Diggipacks systems are linked with all shipping companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for more than 30 companies, as well as carrying out their tasks using artificial intelligence to distribute shipments to shipping companies, and the best performance is automatically chosen to raise the quality efficiency of each customer and improve his reputation in the market.

Diggipacks provides various technical solutions, delivery services and shipping of various products at the lowest prices. Perhaps the most prominent features that distinguish it are speed, accuracy and efficiency.

For more information and inquiries about the best shipping and delivery offers, you can contact them through:

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