Attention to the quality of shipping services is extremely necessary, as it is one of the important factors that motivate customers to repeat the experience again, and any errors in cargo shipping logistics operations will greatly affect your business and may cause a bad reputation, as cargo shipping operations are not limited to just sending a box To the customer, but it is a way by which you can increase your customers and your sales, so ensuring the quality of shipping services is indispensable, and given that ensuring the quality of shipping services is complicated and sometimes very expensive, we offer you today a number of tips that will facilitate this process completely.

What are shipping logistics operations?

Shipping is the actual transportation of a commodity from one point to another, such as moving goods from a warehouse to a customer. The shipping process follows the manufacturing and packaging of the goods and will be controlled by a freight or logistics company.

The most prominent shipping methods

There are many possible ways to ship goods locally and internationally, and in general, there are 3 forms of shipping goods:

  • Shipping by air
  • Shipping by sea
  • Shipping by land

The comparison between them is based on the cost, the size of the goods themselves, the extent of their importance, and their characteristics. Valuable goods are often shipped by air freight. As for the cost, the least expensive shipping method is sea freight, of course. As for local packing, land routes are the most appropriate and economical solution.

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Which shipping method is best for your Online Store?

The best shipping logistics Tips & Solutions

Many individuals are looking for the best shipping tips and solutions, not only the owners of shipping companies but also individuals who ship goods want to know what are the best ways in which they can ship goods appropriately, and here are a number of effective shipping tips and solutions:

1. Choose the appropriate package size
The first thing that you should take care of when shipping your goods is the packaging process, especially since it basically works to contrast your brand in front of others.
Therefore, packaging and determining the size of the goods is the first thing that should occupy your mind when shipping any item, especially since the wrong packaging and inappropriate for the size of the products themselves may expose you to damage the product itself and thus incur more costs.

2. Be prepared for changes
Shipping prices and policies are constantly changing, so I was well prepared for any changes in them, as most shipping companies sometimes reduce prices, and at other times these companies vary in their prices.

3. Keep track of your shipping supplies
Following up on shipping supplies is very important, as it is necessary to send your customers’ orders, for this reason, if you do not pay attention to the number of boxes you have and the packing requirements you will run into great problems and incur additional costs, so to avoid these problems, especially delaying customer orders, you will have to track your shipping supplies.

4. Check your shipments
Auditing your shipments will relieve you from the problem of delay in delivery, the problems of delivering shipments to the wrong addresses, and at the same time checking your shipments manually or by yourself will take a long time, so you need to seek the help of a logistics provider and automate the checks of shipments.

5. Automate your shipment
Most of the processes now work in the form of automation, due to their great role in saving time, effort, and money as well, while ensuring high quality.

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Automate your Shipment

Therefore, if you have a lot of product inventory and customer requests, and you are facing the problem of following all those works, you can use the full automation of those processes, especially since the automation makes shipping operations work more smoothly and accurately for you and your customers.

How an external logistics company can help you optimize your shipping operations

When it comes to shipping products, you must be careful, so there is no room for mistakes in that matter so that your products and your business will not collapse.
And outside logistics companies can help you effectively in improving your shipping operations, especially since most of these companies have services that can help you meet all the expectations of your customers.
It will also allow you to track your inventory and forecast various changes that may occur so that you are ready for them in time.
Diggipacks is one of the best shipping logistics companies that can help you in facilitating and simplifying shipping operations, especially as it mainly seeks to meet customer needs by providing various services and technologies for shipping and delivery.

Top 11 Shipping Logistics Trends for 2021

There are a number of recent trends affecting the future of Shipping Logistics services during 2021, and here are the top 11 shipping and logistics trends for 2021:

  1. Automation, which has effectively helped in providing many technological solutions and reducing a lot of costs.
  2. Smart warehousing, which has brought about a breakthrough in storage operations. Smart warehouses are facilities in which most operations are carried out by machines or robots operating with software and supported by artificial intelligence.
  3. The last mile priority, with which alternative shipping methods have been promoted, such as the use of bicycles as delivery vehicles as well.
  4. Green logistics, in an effort to make the supply chain as sustainable as possible, through the use of programs to map the carbon footprint and calculate the loads so that we can know the harmful effects on the environment, especially the air.
  5. Big data and business intelligence, through which better customer services are provided and better business and logistical decisions are made.
  6. Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), which have improved communication between all parties involved in the supply chain, thus reducing costs, and improving route scheduling.
  7. Warehouse robots, which assisted employees with tasks such as warehousing, sourcing, and loading and unloading goods.
  8. Unmanned cargo aircraft, which can transport packages up to 6.6 pounds.
  9. Virtual reality and augmented reality, which made it possible to use 3D images and videos to simulate experiences in our facilities or introduce products.
  10. Blockchain, which is one of the tools to counter this cyber threat, which allows stevedores to receive orders directly from shipping companies without the need for intermediaries.
  11. Safety protocols, which helped promote the hygiene and sterilization of products and employees, with the aim of reducing the possibility of infection.