E-commerce has become a feature of the era, and selling products online has become commonplace, the state of things at the present time leads to a dangerous growth in e-commerce, various reports mentioned how e-commerce transactions increased by more than 50% compared to previous years, for this reason if you want To start selling online, you should take advantage of the famous websites that will help you reach the largest possible number of people, and it is also important to have your own e-commerce website that you own to sell products online, and in this article we will show together the best sites that you can sell products online through it easily.

Access to the big online marketplace ecommerce

sell products online

The online marketplace is like a number of websites dedicated to e-commerce, which specialize in providing various products from different vendors.

It is important to have your own e-commerce website that you own to sell products online, but even so, popular e-commerce sites will help you get the initial push you need to get people to your online store.

There is no doubt that electronic shopping has become one of the most powerful daily activities that all peoples of the world practice and implement, as many have recently turned to electronic stores as their primary destination to get all their needs and what they lack.

From the basic requirements of food, drink and clothing to the luxuries that add entertainment to our lives, electronic stores have become the best way to reach global markets.

Create an online store | Create Your Own Store

Creating an online store and entering the world of e-commerce is one of the best investment ideas that you can do at the moment, especially as the digital economy is experiencing a huge revolution.

Perhaps one of the main reasons that lead individuals to create an online store is the relatively low cost, along with the popularity and expansion of the e-commerce market.

You can create your online store by relying on one of the sites that provide you with electronic store design services, and the following are the things that you should keep in mind when creating your own online store:

1. Choose the type of products that you want to display in your online store

Based on your study of the market and the individual’s request, what kind of products they might want and what is the age group that you will target.

2. Determine the source of your products

After determining the type of products that you will work with in your online store, you now need to search for the source that will provide you with these products.

3. Choose the appropriate e-commerce platform and start building your online store

After you have determined the products that you will work with as well as the source from which you will get those products, you now need to start creating your own store, by relying on service providers and designing commercial websites.

4. Searching for the appropriate marketing channels

After you have already established your online store, you now need channels to market your online store and the products it contains, and as a start, you can rely heavily on social media, and inevitably you will receive a large number of potential buyers.

Best places to sell products online

sell products online

There are many places where you can sell products online, but you need sites that can connect you to the largest possible number of potential buyers.

And in general there is a wide range of sites where you can sell products online, and each site has its own set of seller fees, commissions and requirements.

So it is important to weigh your options carefully, and the following are best with the reality that you can sell products online:

1. Shopify

Shopify is one of the best places where you can sell products online, and it also allows you to create your own online store, all for a small fee that is not exorbitant like similar sites.

And there are many tools and applications on Shopify that help you expand your sales and sell products online successfully through The Internet has access to a large number of buyers.

Working on the Shopify platform is easy, attractive and very fun, whether in selling products that you own or do not own, i.e. what is known as drop shipping method and want to market it to the world and receive profits through many available payment methods and then send the goods to the buyer.

2. Zid 

Zid is a Saudi online store building platform that provides all services that help retailers manage and operate these stores.

The Zid platform helps you create an integrated online store that fits with your brand identity without the need for any technical expertise, and it is one of the best sites that you can sell products online through, and it has a number of advantages, as:

  • Providing various payment methods.
  • Get a free SSL certificate that helps protect your site.
  • Helping retailers to reach more than 25 companies and service providers such as shipping companies, electronic payment and other services at reduced prices.
  • Assisting retailers in managing their e-stores and providing consultations and seminars on e-commerce.
  • Live support through live chats.
  • Send text messages to customers containing the number and order status.
  • The ability to create an application for your commercial identity.

3. Salla app

The Salla app was one of the first platforms in Saudi Arabia to help retailers create their online stores within minutes without the need to have a high tech background.

It is also one of the most popular destinations suitable for selling your products online and reaching a large number of potential buyers, especially in the Middle East, and the following are the most prominent features of the Salla app:

  • The ability to add an unlimited number of products.
  • The ability to control the design of the online store.
  • It offers a variety of free and paid options for plugins that you can add to your site.
  • Offering various payment options such as PayPal, Apple pay, and other payment methods.
  • Providing multiple options from shipping companies.
  • Ease of use and does not require high technical experience.
  • Technical support throughout the day.
  • The ability to manage and receive orders through the branches.

Diggipacks e-commerce Solutions

Diggipacks is one of the best companies that provides all the technology needed to run your business, and one of the most prominent services it provides is e-commerce services.

Whatever your type of e-commerce, Diggipacks technology will support you, as it provides all shipping solutions for e-stores, and the most prominent things it can offer you regarding e-commerce services:

  • Storage services for e-commerce companies, they provide customers with all solutions and automatic reports on a daily basis.
  • The Diggipacks platform is fully available on the web and special applications for customers, you can see all updates on time and without any delay, such as inventory reports, delivery performance reports, as well as reports near the end of inventory.
  • Availability of all necessary tools and technology and all shipping solutions for online stores
  • To prepare your products and deliver them on time at all times.
  • Having a highly experienced team to manage all tasks, we are able to process more than 150,000 orders per month, as a minimum.
  • The availability of advanced technology, which has been designed with the highest standards, and there are special applications for each client as well as the customer control panel, which allows the ability to follow the latest updates and reports at any place or time.
  • The presence of technical support around the clock for any inquiry or problem, whether by phone, technical support tickets or through direct contact with them, so that any inquiries can be dealt with on time.
  • Providing plugins where customers can connect e-commerce sites such as Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, Word Press, Shopify, in just 15 minutes, using the plugins provided by Diggipacks to its customers.