Product packaging is very important, having good packaging affects perception and even makes customers come back again and again and remember your product, choosing the right product packaging is just as important as choosing the right shipping service, and many people have always had problems with their packages as the contents of the packages arrive damaged or damaged due to misuse Packaging or inappropriate packaging for the type and content of the package, and there are several creative types of product packaging, and in this article, we will talk about what product packaging is, types of product packaging and its importance.

Product Packaging Meaning

Product packaging is simply the way a product is placed before the sale, some products may require specific types of packaging for safety such as food.

The product packaging process is also used to transfer information to the buyer, as product packaging refers to the entire design and production process.

Therefore, the focus is on the method of product packaging as a very influential marketing element that contributes to the consolidation of the product in the mind of the buyer and forcing him to try it and get to know it himself.

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Why packaging makes a difference

The process of product packaging plays a vital role in maintaining the safety of goods, as it largely guarantees the safety of parcels and ensures that they reach their destination without any damages.

Depending on the way the product is packaged with materials that fit the nature and shape of the product, and in fact packaging makes a big difference because they influence the buying behavior.

Buyers always have an emotional side to buying something, so product packaging plays a role in making purchasing decisions for consumers, and therefore packaging is used to guide their efforts.

A large number of studies have also revealed that attractive packaging leads to more intense brain activity than regular packaging.

Attractive packaging also causes activity in areas of the brain associated with rewards, while unattractive packaging causes activity in areas of the brain associated with negative emotions.

Clearly, product packaging has a real impact on how consumers feel about products, and thus directly connects their choices about what they buy.

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Types of product packaging

product packaging

It is worth noting that there is more than one type of product packaging, and the Goods packaging process goes through more than one stage until it reaches the final form,

Where the process begins with packaging the product using shock-absorbing and insulating materials and then packing it in the appropriate box.

And the following are the most important types of product packaging:

Bubble wrap

The most important characteristic of bubble wrap is that it is protective, flexible, light and waterproof, bubble wrap made of transparent polyethylene material is used as shockproof as it reduces vibration during shipment.

The bubble wrap also protects the materials inside the package because it stabilizes the filled material and thus mitigates the impact of shocks.

In addition, the bubble wrap does not absorb or release moisture and is lightweight, easy and quick to use.

Plastic packaging

One of the most popular types of product packaging, which is used to wrap goods up to 800 kg, has high flexibility and is easy to adapt to the shape of the package.

The plastic packaging protects the products from dirt during transportation and is highly resistant to tearing.

Shipping tube packaging

It is one of the most practical solutions for sending long products and products that can be folded like posters, photographs, graphics, etc., and it is also very resistant.

Corrugated cardboard packaging

A popular type of product packaging, corrugated board protects parcels so it is used as a protective agent between the product and the box or container in heavy parcels.

Packaging using cork pieces

Cork pieces are mainly used to fill voids in the box and protect the package from shocks that could lead to damage.

Innovative retail packaging examples

product packaging

There are many great examples of innovative retail packaging, which is one of the best ways to help you see how to package your products more innovatively.

Speaking of innovative retail packaging examples, there are two well-known brands that always succeed in the field of packaging:

  • Coca-Cola, one of the best companies that has designed a distinctive packaging style that has made its famous logo familiar for decades, and recognizable in languages ​​around the world.
  • Apple is also one of the companies that has innovated in its product packaging, with the company’s philosophy of simplicity and beautiful design represented in the boxes of computers, tablets, and phones.

And there are successful packaging stories to be found everywhere, produced by giant corporations and startups alike.

This is because successful product packaging is always the most attractive to consumers by providing a great experience with its products.

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Designing your own product packaging

Also, designing your product packaging in an innovative and special way will help you in marketing your product and attract more buyers around your product to get to know them.

Especially since the colors of Goods packaging greatly influence purchasing decisions, as yellow evokes joy, pink evokes beauty and sensitivity, black evokes strength and so on.

Therefore, attention to the shape of the product, the design of the packaging and the colors that the company chooses in the packaging affect the consumer’s choice to buy,

But rather make the consumers remember the product with enough fondness that the consumer wants to buy it again.

Displays and promotes the product

One of the most important functions of product packaging is that it helps you promote the product effectively,

By influencing the design of the Goods packaging itself on consumer expectations and enhancing their satisfaction.

Innovative product packaging that describes the product at the same time helps the buyer better understand what he is buying and thus increases the likelihood that he will be satisfied with the product presented and then buy it later.