There are huge benefits that people can benefit from when using Outsourcing Transport services, which made using these services a smart move that any company can accept. The importance of using Outsourcing Transport services has emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused business disruptions around the world, and the problem has been exacerbated by a severe drop in demand for products. As a result, supply chains are severely disrupted, so various companies are in dire need of providing more flexible supply chains.

Thus, the ability to adapt and expand quickly according to individual and geographic needs, and this is what Outsourcing Transport can provide. In today’s article, we will discuss in detail what Outsourcing Transport is, its most important benefits, and how diggipacks can help you provide the best services at great prices.

What is Outsourcing Transport Freight?

Before we talk about the benefits of Outsourcing Transport Freight we will first need to know what it is.

As it refers to the agreement made under which one company appoints another company to be responsible for the activities related to the various freight forwarding operations.

This saves her time, effort, and costs, and helps her focus on other more important tasks that help the company grow and expand.

Five Benefits of Outsourcing Transport Freight


There are a number of benefits that companies can gain from using Outsourcing Transport Freight, which will keep them moving in the right direction.

Especially since the well-managed the transportation services in any company or online store, the more positively this affects the performance and presence in the market.

This is what Outsourcing Transport Freight can provide, and the following are the most important benefits that can be obtained from using these services:

1. Economies of Scale

The main benefit of using Outsourcing Transport services is the provision of huge economies of scale, due to a stable customer base and therefore significant purchasing power.

All this makes pricing highly competitive, so external sources such as 3PL and 4PL companies are able to plan and negotiate better and more effectively.

As well as their ability to apply the latest technologies, which means reducing the investment costs of the company and focusing on tasks that help them expand and grow.

2. Information Management

Through the use of various Outsourcing Transport services, the company can obtain real-time information about customers’ orders.

This enhances the speed of delivery of orders and their effective management, especially since the lack of accurate data means:

  • Delayed delivery.
  • Additional costs.
  • Loss of a large percentage of customers.

But through smart systems that can be provided by third parties, companies can manage their information, and exploit it in a way that best serves customer requests.

3. Technology and Communication

By outsourcing 3PL or 4PL, the company can enjoy highly specialized transportation systems.

Through which requests will be managed and scheduled, as well as the availability of smart services such as tracking drivers and providing real-time communication, which contributes to supporting security and safety.

4. Customer Service

Another distinguishing benefit when using Outsourcing Transport services is the ability to focus on customer requests and meet their desires.

This is done in a way that achieves customer satisfaction, through accurate and fast dealing with the available information. This importance emerges in cases of pressure requests from customers.

5. Resource Flexibility

With increasing demands as well as seasonal fluctuations in demand, companies or online stores can find it difficult to manage orders.

And thus incur more high costs, but third parties can handle these matters very easily.

For example 3PLs have the necessary expertise and equipment required to provide flexibility and adapt to different fluctuations.

Key to Success in Outsourcing for Freight Logistics

Key to Success in Outsourcing Freight Logistics

Outsourcing Transport

If you want to succeed when hiring Outsourcing Freight Logistics, there are a number of basic things that you must consider, the most important of which are:

1. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Performance Scorecards

Effectively keeping track of KPIs will help you demonstrate the success and effectiveness of your Outsourcing Freight Broker.

This is in addition to following up on financial reporting tools, thus knowing whether the external company you deal with is effective in managing your deliveries or not.

There are a number of KPIs that can tell you how effective your external company is, such as:

  • Is on time delivery to customers?
  • What are the percentages of delays in delivering customer orders?
  • Are the cars available on time?
  • Percentage of error free invoices.

2. Data Visibility is the Key

One of the biggest challenges to transport logistics in general is the inability to access accurate information in real time, and this is a huge challenge at the moment.

Especially since having a clear view is the cornerstone for the success of 3PL Logistics, through the effective exchange of accurate information in real time.

Accurate, real-time information can be accessed and exploited to support business, by providing and using appropriate technologies.

3. Building Relationships

One of the important things you need to be successful with Outsourcing Freight Logistics is to put the time and effort into developing your relationships with external suppliers.

So that the company you deal with suits the style of your company, and thus the ability to understand the nature of your business and provide the best solutions and services for you and your customers.

All of this will help you manage expectations and face unexpected fluctuations, as well as identify areas of future opportunity that are right for you.

Diggipacks for Outsourcing Transport Freight

Outsourcing Transport

If you are looking for the best Outsourcing Freight service provider then diggipacks is your perfect choice.

Diggipacks is one of the best companies specialized in providing logistics services, relying on the latest technologies and techniques.

Cooperating with a logistics partner can help you manage your products better, in a way that enhances your presence in the market and thus increases your sales.

Diggipacks owns an experienced and specialized team in Outsourcing Freight, which will give you the best services at the best prices and give you a comparative advantage in terms of speed and efficiency.

Digipacks can also provide you with smart storage solutions at the best prices, as it has all the spaces needed by special products, with an economical plan while ensuring the high quality of storage.

As well as full packaging services for its stored products, in addition to the ability to provide you with daily reports of your stock movement through the customer control panel.