Meeting the expectations and requirements of customers as well as their delivery times is a top priority for every company in the world, and fulfilling customers’ orders on time is very important for any company that wants to succeed and survive in the market, and on time delivery options can help in fulfilling all orders related to operations Executing shipment orders on time, and this will increase customer satisfaction with your business as well as earn their loyalty to you, and in this article we will provide you with all the details about on time delivery and how Diggipacks can help you in fulfilling orders on time.

What is on time delivery (OTD)?

On Time Delivery indicates how you can meet the shipping orders to customers at the time of delivery, and therefore, it is a measure for the extent and forcing orders on time.

Why is on time delivery (OTD) Important?

on time delivery

You are asking for the reason that makes the on time delivery no matter what, and in the truth of the matter to achieve the best cooperation with your customers,

Where they provide them with their orders at the agreed date, which increases the reliability of customers as well as gain their satisfaction and loyalty to your company.

Especially since customers are always expected to get the required products on schedule,

So you should always meet the agreed delivery date, and can be used through on time delivery.

In the case of failure to fulfill the approval date agreed with customers, this will negatively affect your work, and lose customer loyalty and thus damage your business.

Improving On-Time Delivery

Fulfilling customers’ orders in their time is extremely important, so you always need to try to improve your time delivery.

Which will ensure you customer loyalty to your business and earn their trust and satisfy them from your business, and this will reflect positively to your company’s reputation and revenue.

There are many methods that can help you improve your time delivery, as you can use an external company to help you.

Digipack is one of the best companies of course, and will later we will discuss how Digipax can help you improve your time delivery.

Here are a number of the most effective ways they can help you with Improving On-Time Delivery:

  • Create production schedules in your company, provided that they are realistic, and you can do this by communicating with your sales team to reach the optimal operation of the company.
  • Check the efficiency of your monitoring.
  • Establish strong relationships with your suppliers, so you will be able to meet response times and enjoy accurate performance reviews.
  • Reward your employees on an ongoing basis if customer orders are delivered on time.


Reasons for late deliveries

There are many reasons that may result in late deliveries, and therefore should try to avoid those reasons and process them until you keep customer satisfaction.

The following are the most important reasons for delivery:

  • Owning incorrect expectations.
  • Safety Stock Levels are incorrect.
  • There are bad standard operating procedures.
  • Not having accurate shipping documents.
  • Non-compliance with shipping terms.
  • There are problems during transport.
  • The client changes its orders continuously without following the required procedures.
  • There are problems in selecting products.
  • Having errors of output workers.
  • Errors in handling materials.

How to deliver on time?

After you know the importance of on Time Delivery, you will now need to seriously consider how to deliver orders on time without delays.

The following are a number of tips that will help you meet customers’ orders on time and no delay:

  1. Try to understand the reasons for late delivery, analyze its causes.
  2. Focus on steps that address the causes of delays detected in the first step.
  3. Develop an appropriate plan to eliminate and implement those reasons.
  4. Monitor the results of the plan they put, and verify that they have already limited the causes of delays in delivery.

Increase your on time delivery rate with Diggipacks

on time delivery

Diggipacks can help you in Increase your on time delivery rate, through its distinctive services based on the latest technology methods.

Also diggipacks provides customers with best delivery solutions and orders processing, which ensure delivery of orders in its time.

Even after shipping your customers’ orders will help you Diggipacks in follow up each movement and evaluate performance and make sure delivery of shipments in time.

It also will also provide all updates down through your client control panel until the shipping company is finished.

If the Diggipacks team will be scrutinized and ensured that the demand is not connected, so whether your local or international diggipacks shipments will give you the best solutions at the best prices.