The last mile delivery challenges have increased in the recent period, especially with the huge digital revolution that all sectors are witnessing. This made all companies from all countries of the earth try to modernize this digitization through creative solutions and enter into partnerships with the technology sector, which now provides solutions that double the profit and reduce the effort.

Concepts have also changed after the Corona pandemic, and the most affected of these sectors is the delivery sector. Where the delivery companies and e-commerce found themselves experiencing unprecedented prosperity, as a result of which they met a huge demand that they were unable to meet. This compounded the challenges of the last mile. In this article, we will explain to you the most important last mile delivery challenges and how to solve them in the best possible way.

What are last mile delivery challenges?

last mile delivery challenges

The last mile delivery challenges are all the issues that prevent the final products from reaching the end user.

These challenges result in the disruption of the entire supply chain strategies, in addition to wasting time and money and losing trust between the producer and the customer.

This is due to the failure of the delivery process, as the last mile delivery process plays a large role in the delivery process in general.

Which would contribute to achieving customer satisfaction, so facing these challenges is essential to keep pace with logistics technology.

Top 5 last mile delivery challenges

Last mile delivery accounts for approximately 54% of total shipping costs, and this item is the most important and efficient component of the supply chain.

With the Corona pandemic, the demand for e-commerce increased by a large percentage, which made electronic stores in need of speedy processing and meeting customer requests.

Last mile delivery helps online stores deliver customers their orders in a timely manner. But with the increase in last mile delivery challenges, companies are facing difficulty in this matter.

And the following are the most important 5 last mile delivery challenges that can hinder supply chains at the present time:

1. Difficulty meeting delivery deadlines

One of the biggest last mile delivery challenges is having trouble meeting deadlines. This is because fulfilling customer orders and delivery expectations is the most important thing they care about while shopping from online stores.

So different companies need to meet delivery deadlines and meet customer expectations as fully as possible.

This will help gain customer satisfaction as well as improve deliveries and make them more efficient.

2. Treating drivers in a fair way

Another important last mile delivery challenge is not treating drivers in a fair and human way. Perhaps those are the biggest problems as drivers must be treated humanely so that they can work hard and deliver on time.

Many dealers are only interested in making profits and quick delivery, and in return they ignore treating the drivers appropriately and put pressure on them.

In the end, this negatively affects the on time delivery and the fulfillment of customers’ requests on time.


3. Dealing with unpredictable factors

Many companies have trouble dealing with unexpected factors that suddenly arise in the delivery process. This problem is perhaps one of the most important last mile delivery challenges, as unexpected problems hinder last-mile delivery plans.

Especially since most of these problems are out of control, such as changes in the weather or sudden traffic factors.

4. Delivering to the correct location

Failed deliveries cost the company a lot of expenses and losses, and on average there are at least 10% of all deliveries in the other mile fail for a variety of reasons.

One of the main reasons for its failure is a problem in locating the correct customer location, as many drivers deliver orders at incorrect addresses.

Which brings the company a lot of costs, so it is one of the most important last mile delivery challenges, which would damage the company’s reputation and lose its customers.

5. Solving the single-delivery issue

One of the most prominent of the last mile delivery challenges is the single delivery issue, with customers becoming particularly focused on how quickly their individual order management can be delivered.

Most companies have a problem with individual delivery to customers, which makes customers dissatisfied with the service and threatens the reputation of the company itself.

How can you solve your biggest last mile delivery challenges?

last mile delivery challenges

As we have indicated, the last mile delivery costs represent more than 50% of the final shipping costs, so any problems or malfunctions with them will cost the company a lot of losses.

Having addressed the most important challenges, the best solution to address last mile delivery challenges is to rely on technology.

Where delivery services that rely on the latest technologies and modern technology will help in facing various challenges of last mile delivery.

As it will contribute to providing a reliable delivery network, and through Diggipacks, you can overcome the challenges of last mile delivery and provide the right delivery to customers at the required time and thus fulfill customer requests