Innovative Logistics has played a major role in the growth of commerce, especially e-commerce, as it contributes effectively to helping different brands expand their businesses. So a lot of money is spent on this field, thus improving various logistics services, which positively affects business performance and growth of companies and industries. In this article, we’ll show you the most important details about Innovative Logistics, and how Diggipacks can help you bring the latest innovations to your business.

What is Innovative Logistics and transportation? 

Innovative Logistics is intended to use modern technology and innovations in logistics and fulfillment management, which helps in saving time as well as speeding up operations.

Innovative Logistics also contributes to reducing human error, which helps make warehouse and implementation processes better.

9 types of Innovative Logistics

Innovative Logistics

If you are in the trade or have a new business, you need to be up to date with the latest updates on logistics.

Which will help you speed up the delivery options as well as reduce costs. Here are the most important modern types of Innovative Logistics today:

1. Autonomous logistics and automation

Automation helps you save a lot of logistical costs, as well as significantly reduce human errors, by automating time-consuming tasks.

Autonomous logistics and automation is one of the most important Innovative Logistics, which contributes to the improvement of business and tasks significantly.

This saves time on your logistics team, so they can focus on how to improve workflow and complete other important tasks.

All of these things will help you in improving and speeding up warehouse operations and fulfillment as well, thus enhancing your business and giving you a better opportunity for growth.

2. AI and robotics in warehouses and beyond

AI and robotics have contributed greatly to the warehouse business, through the various technologies it provides, so it is one of the most important types of Innovative Logistics.

Which contributes to facilitating decision-making in warehouses using the data collected.

As well as identifying barcodes using modern devices, in addition to monitoring techniques that contribute to tracking products, their transportation process, and capturing them, moment by moment.

Warehouse robots can help in doing many important tasks such as:

  • Loading or unloading a pallet
  • Moving goods around the warehouse.
  • Make selections and picking.

3. Continuous connectivity and IoT

Constant communications as well as IoT technologies have greatly helped in the promotion of logistics and various industries.

 And for commerce, it has contributed to tracking every movement of goods within the warehouse, as well as the order and picking of items.

This makes it one of the most important Innovative Logistics, which has improved efficiency as well as speed in real-time data collection.

4. 5G and digital twins

5G-enabled digital twins play a large role in logistics, which contributes to real-time data provision and sharing.

Also 5G-enabled digital twins could enable retailers to apply sensors to all aspects of the supply chain.

5. SaaS models and digital platforms

Software as a service (SaaS) significantly impacts supply chain management by providing a suite of flexible, cloud-based software.

Which contributes to managing supply chain operations and analyzing the data in it.

So it is one of the best digital platforms and one of the most important types of Innovative Logistics.

6. Big data analytics

Any industry, regardless of its quality or objectives, needs to analyze and benefit from data, especially since data has become more massive and important than before.

With regard to supply chains, data greatly enhances the performance of supply chains, and data can also be used to enhance performance and productivity.

Big data analytics contribute to better management of SKUs, demand forecasting, and better decisions on how to improve operations.

This is one of the most important Innovative Logistics that can contribute to providing insights into SKU performance and stock days available.

It can also contribute to better allocating your inventory across different distribution centers, thus accelerating business.

7. Last-mile delivery with innovative options

Last mile delivery refers to the stage in which the carrier takes the order from the warehouse or distribution center and then transports it to the final destination directly.

Because of the high expectations of customers about the speed of delivery, the introduction of express delivery has become one of the most important things that any store owner, especially e-store owners, should consider.

The faster the delivery process, the higher the customer satisfaction with the services provided, so you need to enhance the express delivery process.

Innovative Logistics can help you improve shipping methods, using modern technologies to choose the best shipping companies.

8. Augmented reality

Which helps provide real-time and on-site visual guidance, which can help avoid errors and better optimize operations.

It is one of the most important Innovative Logistics that can be used in more than one way.

For warehouses, this innovation can be used to facilitate the identification of different items, as well as the selection of items in warehouses.

9. Blockchain and distributed supply chains

Blockchain represents one of the most important and prominent Innovative Logistics that has provided more transparency in the entire supply chain network.

It has also contributed to providing more security for brands that are expanding their distribution network.

With regard to e-commerce, it has facilitated data sharing and access, which has positively impacted and enhanced business.

How Diggipacks keeps your company up on the latest innovations

Innovative Logistics

Diggipacks can help you bring the latest in modern methods and technologies to your company and business, as well as smart automation solutions.

Which will provide you with complete control of operations continuously, as well as the possibility to easily expand your logistics operations, avoid errors and maintain the accuracy of your orders.

Especially since diggipacks is one of the companies specialized in providing smart shipping and delivery solutions, it also has warehouses through which it provides you with the best storage and distribution services.

In addition to logistical innovations, diggipacks provides you with all the space you need to store your products, using the latest technology that guarantees you the high quality of storage.

It also provides you with a smart client panel, which will enable you to follow your business and provide you with daily reports on performance and business.