There is an increase in the Importance of warehousing in supply chain from where planning and management, and by working as a team, supply chain planners and managers and all members at the first, middle and end of the chain have the ability to increase revenue and also control cost, in addition to better use of assets and finally to achieve customer satisfaction, Importance of warehousing in supply chain warehouse management can be of great help. In simplifying today’s complex supply chain operations.

What is Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a software solution hat provides visibility into the entire commercial inventory and manages supply chain implementations from the distribution center to the store shelves.

The importance of warehouse management system

The warehouse management system is of great importance, as these systems help in managing workers’ tasks, shipping method, as well as tracking them, and below we show you the importance of the warehouse management system:

1. Inventory control and management

The warehouse management system works to improve inventory management, by trying to reduce stock levels until they are appropriate, in addition to improving the process of order execution.

Warehouse management systems allow you to do this by controlling all activities of your warehouse, as each unit and all available details are tracked until orders are executed optimally.

2. Customer service and tracking

The better your warehouse is, the better the buying experience for your customers will be, as warehouse management systems help you check the availability of required products and items within your inventory.

As the accuracy of order delivery to customers has a big factor in repeating the experience again and increasing the satisfaction of your customers, and this is the task of warehouse management systems, which improve the accuracy of selection so that orders are delivered correctly the first time.

3. Enhancing company productivity

The warehouse is one of the primary factors that indicates how well your company is achieving its production goals, and inventory management systems can help you achieve this, as those systems give you efficiency, consistency and quality control, along with moving items as quickly as possible, thus improving each stage of implementation.

4. Increase your return on investment

Proper warehouse management systems allow you to improve your sales and thus increase your profits significantly, as a result of helping you to sell faster and more accurately to customers, thus reducing time, effort and errors as well, which increases customer satisfaction with the service provided to them.

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what is Importance of warehousing in supply chain?

The warehouse and its systems are of great importance in supply chains, especially as supply chains have developed tremendously during the last 10 years, which resulted in significantly increasing freight and transportation costs.

Importance of warehousing in supply chain One of the most prominent ways that helped keep pace with this development in supply chains is robust warehouse management systems. Modern warehouse management systems have provided all the necessary controls to organize labor, inventory, as well as transportation operations. so Importance of warehousing in supply chain is a linked and indispensable process

What are the four functions of warehousing?

There are and 4 basic functions of warehouse:

1. Storage and protection of goods

It is the basic function of warehouses, as the company’s goods are stored from the time they are produced or purchased until the time they are delivered to customers, and the warehouse also helps protect the goods from loss or damage.

Especially since warehouses are equipped to suit the nature of the goods in them and thus protect them, which reduces the possibility of losses or wastage of resources.

2. Take risks

One of the most important functions of warehouses is that it also bears the accidental risks of storing goods, as the goods are delivered first to the warehouse keeper, who is responsible for any problems that may occur, and who takes all precautions against any possible errors.

3. Goods handling

Most of the goods are not consumed in the same form of their production. There are a number of goods that require little processing in order to become usable, and warehouses can perform this function.

4. Classification and packing

One of the basic functions of warehouses is also classification and packing, as warehouses provide all the facilities for packing, preparing and classifying goods, and goods can also be packed in a specific way at the request of their owner.

WMS benefits numerous aspects of the supply chain

Warehousing is a very important part of the logistics management system as well as supply chains, as warehouses assist in storing and packing goods and also shipping orders through Importance of warehousing in supply chain is a linked and indispensable process

It also allows warehouses for companies to maintain their inventory, and helps to analyze all available data, which increases the speed of delivery of orders, and thus reduces the risk of delaying shipments, and the warehouse management system allows the possibility of tracking delivery times easier. so Importance of warehousing in supply chain is a linked and indispensable process