During the international shipping logistics process, individuals need specialists in moving goods smoothly through a network of roads, seaports, and airports, and those specialists are freight‌ ‌handlers‌, and they are professionals in dealing with the movement of goods, and in this article, we will explain to you all the details about freight‌ ‌handlers‌ and their most important skills.

What are freight‌ ‌handlers‌?

Freight handling is that process in which cargo is loaded and unloaded from the point of origin to its final point, freight‌ ‌handlers‌ also ensure that the cargo will be transported more efficiently through all phases until it reaches its final destination.

Freight handler skills

There are a number of skills that a Freight handler needs in order to be able to perform the tasks and functions that we mentioned in the previous part.

And the following are the most important skills that a Freight handler needs to complete his work:

  • The ability to stand and work for long periods of time.
  • The possibility of lifting heavy objects and massive equipment.
  • Possess basic computer skills to deal with modern systems to run various programs related to the field of shipping and transportation.
  • Possess leadership skills.
  • Ability to communicate and deal with the team and staff.
  • Understand workplace safety guidelines and safety stock.

What equipment is used in freight handling?

freight‌ ‌handlers‌

During the freight‌ ‌handlers‌ process, the freight handler needs a number of basic tools and equipment.

Especially since a large number of freight‌ ‌handlers‌ are used to transport shipments of special tools and equipment.

The following are the most important pieces of equipment used in the freight‌ ‌handlers‌ process:

1. Forklifts

It is one of the most important tools that the freight handler needs in the process of transporting freight, and it is used to unload and ship goods, especially heavy or bulky goods.

Forklifts also help the freight handler to move bulky packages in storage facilities and move them from one place to another with ease.

2. Carts

The second most important tool that the freight handler needs in their business is Carts, which helps in transporting parcels from one vehicle to another and it can also put large parcels inside warehouses.

3. Pallets

Pallets can be used to keep large packages mounted on pallets stable while they are being moved, allowing the freight handler to move those large packages through the use of forklifts.

4. Dollies

These are small carts that help the freight handler in transporting heavy packages that cannot be lifted manually.

5. Pallet jacks

A simpler form of forklift helps a freight handler move and store large items in storage facilities.

4. Scanners

It is the equipment used by the freight handler to record the codes of shipment items that arrive or leave the processing area,

And this feature helps customers and shipping companies to know the location of the items during the shipping process.

5. Inventory software

Freight handler uses a digital inventory management system that helps them track and locate items or shipments, thus making them easily accessible and traceable.

6. Reach trucks

Handling cargo in small spaces as well as narrow warehouse aisles, Reach trucks are a variant of specialized forklifts.

7. Protective materials

It is one of the most important materials that the freight handler depends on during the transport of goods,

And it is a protective material that protects the shipments during their journey so that they are not exposed to any damage or damage.

8. Loading ramps

It is one of the most important tools used in the process of cargo handling, which helps in loading or unloading goods from trucks, ships, or aircraft.

Loading ramps allow for fast and safe transportation, and the use of wheeled devices to move large items more easily for operators.

What do freight‌ ‌handlers‌ do?

freight‌ ‌handlers‌

Similarly, a Freight handler is that person responsible and specialized in loading and unloading the goods at the point of origin until they reach their final destination.

Freight handler needs a number of important skills in order to succeed in performing its task, and the following are the most important tasks:

  • Operate transporting, unloading, and loading machines.
  • Transport the goods to the required destinations.
  • Storage of goods on the sidewalks and in warehouses.
  • Keep track of the locations of shipments in storage units.
  • Ensure the safe arrival of shipments.
  • Keep records of shipment.
  • Packaging and packing.
  • Labeling of merchandise.
  • Sorting goods and shipments in warehouses.

How to Become a Freight Handler

In order to become a Freight handler, you will need to have a number of important skills in order to be able to perform the basic functions that you need in the cargo handling process.

Especially since freight‌ ‌handlers‌ manage the entry and exit of large trucks containing items for warehousing or delivery.

In addition, freight‌ ‌handlers‌ check and validate the goods before they are cleared for storage or leave the warehouse,

So in order to become a successful Freight handler, you will need a number of basic skills and certificates that indicate your ability to operate forklifts and deal with various equipment.