It is no secret to you that ecommerce is one of the most important businesses that contribute to making profits on the Internet, and that the market for it and those joining it is increasing day by day, and its fields are multiplying and expanding, and we do not exaggerate if we say that the future is for e-commerce, and in the last 20 years or so. We have witnessed an explosion in e-commerce, and it has become faster than ever, so all that the buyer has to do is the payment process and the product arrives all over the world, and financial transactions have also changed, so digital payments have radically changed so we find countries are moving towards digitalization, and in this article we will show you 8 ways that open the doors for more from ecommerce revenue.

What is Ecommerce?

Ecommerce is the sale of goods or services via the Internet, or in other words, it is the purchase or production of products and the setting of a profit margin, then selling them on the Internet.

How to get more Ecommerce Revenue?

The Internet is a powerful platform that provides wide awareness of e-commerce sites. There are millions of people who search every day on the Internet, and are looking for products to buy. Online shopping has become constantly increasing, and here are a number of ways that will help you gain more Ecommerce Revenue:

1. Use product reviews to your advantage

One of the most prominent ways that you can increase Ecommerce Revenue in your store is to try to use product reviews to your advantage, and very simply product reviews are a description and guide about the product itself, and diggipacks can help you in this matter by preparing a review of your products, through which the hesitant buyer will be convinced. Buy the product on the spot.


Tips for getting reviews from customers:

  • Put a review page after every purchase with a thank you letter.
  • Email customers 48 hours after the purchase to ask for their opinion.
  • Include a five-star review so customers can use it after every purchase.

2. Manage Shipping Costs Wisely Fulfillment

Generally more than half of online store shoppers abandon their carts if they find that shipping costs are high or inflated, so in order to maintain your customers and ensure their survival until ordering you will need to manage shipping costs wisely and urges it to be acceptable.

Diggipacks can help you manage shipping costs appropriately, as by diggipacks the platform makes all of its fees super clear, always all the time. And keep in mind that often 40% of buyers will add more products to their cart if free shipping is provided to them.

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Move ever closer to your customers by offering a choice of delivery options and responding to their individual wishes

So if you provide free shipping offers, always try to clarify those offers in most parts of your website, as the home page, product page and even the checkout page.

3. Set Your Eyes on Your Best Product

Be constantly checking your inventory, especially since, as you know, bad inventory management leads to the loss of many profits, and thus deprivation of your market share, so be sure to always achieve a reasonable balance, so that there is sufficient stock to meet your requests and at the same time preserve your capital

Poor inventory management can lead to lost profits and, ultimately, market share. Find the right balance in making sure your store has enough stock to meet demands but not so much that it eats up your capital.

4. Keep Your Inventory in Check

Which will increase your profits clearly and Ecommerce Revenue, and this is consistent with the principle approved by Pareto, and the principle of 80 to 20 – as 80% of your profits come from only 20% of the products that you offer, and therefore you must focus on those products, by developing and increasing them. Promote it.

5. Partner with Other Businesses for Cross-Promotion

If you own a small business, forming a partnership with another commercial project that promotes your project will be of great benefit and value to you and your business, especially since the exchange promotions between non-competing companies will increase your chances in the market and reach a new customer segment.

6. Offer Money Back Guarantee

Offering a money-back guarantee can help you increase your revenue, especially if you trust the quality and suitability of your product, which will make buyers confident in you and your product and thus accept it without fear.

Also, the money-back guarantee feature contributes to a significant increase in sales, and the reason for this is that this policy builds customer confidence in your brand, as they feel that they can recover their money in the event that the product is not appropriate, will make them feel safe.

7. Create a blog for your online store

Create a blog for your online store, as it contributes a lot to:

  • Increase interaction between your audience and customers.
  • In which customers learn about the details of the products and the most important services provided to them.
  • It mainly contributes to the appearance of the store in the first results of search engines.

8. Take advantage of social media channels

Social media platforms are one of the most important ways to communicate with the audience and build brands, through the various types of content that you publish on these platforms and the interaction that results from this content.

  • Create accounts on the social media platforms that your audience resides on.
  • Offer diverse content to audiences on these platforms.
  • Responding to inquiries and audience interactions.
  • Interact with the audience on various occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.