Recently, the term drop shipping has become very popular, and it has become one of the important types of business on the Internet, and there are many who have achieved great success through it, especially the Arab countries, If you are an entrepreneur and are thinking of establishing your own business and achieving financial freedom and financial stability in the long run, you can start working in drop shipping, which is one of the types of online business that belongs to the world of e-commerce services, and in this article we will show you everything you need to know about dropshipping and how to link it to warehouses and shipping.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is the processes of marketing the products you want without actually owning them, by agreeing with a third party to market its products,

And in turn it ships the products that your customers purchase through you, and your profit is the selling price that you set for your customers minus the selling price set by the product owner.

Drop Shipping Is One of the Easiest Online Businesses


Drop shipping is a type of the easiest online business that belongs to the world of e-commerce, in which the online store does not keep stock.

But as soon as the buyer makes a purchase order from one of the products displayed in the online store, the store makes a purchase order from a third party,

And the third party (wholesaler or other large store or factory) ships the product directly to the buyer.

How Drop Shipping Works

You may now be wondering how drop shipping works, and here is a detailed explanation of how drop shipping works:

1. Create an online store

Where the dropshipper creates a dropshipping store which is an integrated online store to complete the dropshipping operations (just like the usual e-shops).

This may be a website or an online store on social media platforms (Instagram store, Facebook store and others).

2. Choose the supplier you will deal with

The dropshipper chooses the seller or third party he wants to work with and sell his products, and he joins his dropshipping program after accepting its terms and conditions.


3. Sell products

The dropshipper sells the products he chooses to sell on his store at special prices, setting himself the optimum profit margin from each successful dropshipping sale.

4. Customer order

A customer or online shopper visits a dropshipper store and then decides to purchase certain products, places an entire order and also completes the payment process.

Note that the customer has no idea that he is shopping online from the Dropshipping store anyway.

5. Transfer the order to the supplier

Customer data and order details are transferred automatically (through an automation system) or manually to the third party to prepare the order.

6. Preparing the order and shipping method it to the customer

The third party prepares the order, ships it and delivers it directly to the customer. Noting that you do not necessarily have to own an online store to start dropshipping,

There are many marketers who use popular online stores as an alternative platform to display products,

Advantages of Drop shipping


After dropshipping has become at the forefront of ways to profit online and freelancing activities from home,

It’s necessary to know its advantages that made it a successful business for many novice entrepreneurs. And the following are the advantages of dropshipping:

1. Ease of getting started

At the fore in the dropshipping system is the ease of getting started. There is no need for a lot of experience or knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship or e-commerce.

All you need only in order to get started is to know some of the basics related to the work and the rest of the things you will learn easily as you progress in the work day by day.

2. No need for a warehouse

As one of the most important features that make commission selling a popular business for many and an easy business to engage in quickly and easily,

is that you do not need to provide a storage warehouse in order to store or package products and you have nothing to do with storage matters from the ground up, not even any of the details or tasks related By shipping products to customers.

3. Provide quick and easy growth opportunities

The basis of commercial projects is expansion and growth, which are goals that project owners seek over time to achieve in the fastest time and in the best way.

And when we talk about business growth opportunities, we will not find better than dropshipping as a model for the ability to grow and expand business easily and quickly and without additional costs to the business budget.

4. No need for a lot of capital

Capital has always been the most difficult obstacle for many aspirants to start their own business; consequently, they were backing off their plans to launch their own business until the capital was available to them.

This is no longer prevalent with the emergence of ways to profit that do not need a lot of capital,

Especially dropshipping, which has brought about a change in the concept of self-employment and capital requirements.

One of the most important advantages of commission selling is that getting started does not require high costs; you can start your own business with very little.

5. Flexibility at work

One of the most important reasons that prompted many entrepreneurs today to launch their own projects is the desire to get rid of the controls of traditional work and the routine of government and private work.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a dropshipping system is flexibility at work; you are the boss of yourself out of anyone’s control and away from sterile business rules that kill a lot of your creativity.

In Dropshipping, you are the one who sets your work rules, and you are the one who determines the working hours, where and when without any interference from anyone.

The flexibility of dropshipping is also the ability to work from home, whether on your mobile phone or your laptop, as well as working at the times most convenient for you.

6. Ease of management

Dropshipping does not require much effort from you in management at all; simply because it basically doesn’t require you to make many commitments.

All you have to do, as we mentioned earlier, is to find the right suppliers for the nature of your business and prepare everything after setting up a suitable store or website to sell your products.

Linking with shipping companies


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