In the current labor market in which thousands of companies compete to attract and retain customers, those who wish to excel must work on adopting policies and methods that focus mainly on the customer and gain his satisfaction. Providing excellent customer service is the only criterion that distinguishes the best professionals from others, which is what ultimately contributes to enhancing the company’s profits and its image, and in this article, we will show you a number of tips that help you get closer to your customers by offering a range of delivery options and responding to their individual desires.

The importance of customers to your business

In a world where competition has become fiercer, companies need to implement strategies in order to stay ahead of their competitors, and perhaps the most important thing that organizations also need is to approach their customers and try to win their satisfaction.
To achieve this, you need to understand who your customers and potential customers are, nurture the relationships that bind you with them, as well as understand the needs and behaviors of these people, while responding to them and adapting to these changes.

Ways to get more customers, increase sales and profits

Customers – Sales – Profits, are three buzzwords that concern businessmen and business owners in various fields, and they are integral components of sales and profit operations in which the customer is the essence of the transaction and his satisfaction is one of the main objectives besides profit and making sales.
The question that arises is how to get customers so that profits and fame will come after them and move towards the fore, and the following are methods that will help you achieve this and become closer to your customers and thus achieve sales and profits:


1. Increase conversions
If you own an online store and want to get closer to your customers and increase them and thus increase your sales and profits, then you need to pay attention to conversion, and what is meant is the extent of the interaction of your online store’s visitors, and there is also what is called the conversion rate, which is a percentage of the individuals visiting your site who do the conversion, Which may take more than one form, such as deciding to buy a product from your store, or making a live chat, or registering on your site, and so on. Here are a number of ways to help you increase conversions:

  • Remove all possible distractions.
  • Make the initial step easier.
  • Add a pop-up to your site.
  • Remove unnecessary form fields.
  • Try to add a third-party signup service.
  • Add testimonials, reviews, and logos.
  • Try to add live chat to your site.

2. Increase average order value
Increasing the average order value is one of the sustainable ways to grow, through which it can work to increase your revenue dramatically, in addition to helping you to win more new customers. The higher the value of your average order, the more sales and revenues you have respectively from the same customers, and the most prominent strategies that May help you increase your average order value are:

  • Upsells
  • Cross-sells
  • Product bundling
  • Free shipping with a minimum order value.

3. Expand market or target audience
The concept refers to the group of potential customers to whom the company wishes to sell its products. This group also includes specific clients to whom the company directs its marketing efforts. It is considered part of the total market for a good or service.
Business owners and commercial activities seek to develop and expand their business permanently and this is necessary especially with the development of electronic commerce and the development of its mechanisms in an amazing way.
The expansion of commercial activities creates new opportunities and challenges that contribute to the success of your business, especially with the remarkable development and expansion in all areas, especially online selling, and the following are a number of ways that will help you expand the target market:

  • Sell ​​via new commercial platforms.
  • Provide secure payment methods.
  • Introducing new products.

4. Decrease costs
Reducing costs is one of the most important things for all merchants, and it is necessary for the continuation of work, and you can reduce costs by trying to adhere to the standard specifications of the product, work to satisfy customers, and provide them with the best service so that you are not exposed to the return of the products purchased from you and the loss of your customers and your reputation.
As well as you can try to reduce the amount of damage to a minimum while providing solutions to treat the damage, either by recycling it again or selling it to other parties so that the losses resulting from it are reduced.

5. Improve operational efficiency
Operational efficiency is primarily a measure that measures the efficiency of earned profit, and the operational efficiency in your store can be increased by relying on automation and modern technologies, along with trying to improve productivity and attention to customer service, as well as working to simplify operations as possible and this will ultimately be reflected in improving the customer experience in Your store thus increasing your sales and revenue.