5PL The modern logistics and supply chain industry is constantly evolving, and this is due to the increasing expectations of customers, as well as the rapid growth in e-commerce, all of this makes the logistics and supply chain more complex, and from here appeared the logistics service providers, which are specialized in logistics management which It saves merchants a lot of time and effort.

And the most prominent types of logistics services are third-party logistics (3PL), fourth-party logistics (4PL), and access to fifth-party logistics (5PL), which is a new innovation that will increase dramatically in the market in the coming period, as a result of the rapid growth in E-commerce, and in this article we will talk about Fifth Party Logistics (5PL) with some examples of it, its importance for online retailers and the difference between it and Fourth Party Logistics (4PL).

5pl logistics: What Is Fifth-Party Logistics

Fifth Party Logistics is one of the systems through which you outsource all of your supply chains, which will help you plan, organize and efficiently implement logistics solutions.

5PL manages all of your supply chain networks and can set prices for you and negotiate on your behalf as well. In general, 5PL is closely related to e-commerce.

5pl logistics example

Simply, 5PL is an upgrade from 4PL and thus 5th party logistics ensures that the customer can get 3PL Fulfillment and 4PL services as well, this means that 5PL caters to the freight needs including using other logistics.

For example, some companies use 5PL for the purpose of powering every aspect of the supply chain, with the service provider making the appropriate contracts on your behalf and negotiating for you.


Difference between 4pl and 5pl

If you are looking for the best logistics service provider, you will find a number of terms such as 4PL and 5PL and many more, but here we will focus on the difference between 5PL and 4PL.

And in general all of these terms are used to describe the wide range of logistics services that can be provided to you by an external service provider, Here are the main differences:

As mentioned earlier, 5PL is an upgrade from 4PL and the difference between them is that 5th party logistics providers mainly focus on solutions for e-business, especially e-commerce, so 5PL tries to achieve the lowest possible costs for the customer consequently, they group orders in large volumes to maximize customer benefit.

But 4PL does not focus on e-business solutions, but rather it is the best choice for companies with more complex supply chains, as it enhances the business of those companies, and 4PL works more flexibly because it always tries to find the most suitable resources for customer needs.

5pl logistics solutions


The solutions that 5PL possesses are numerous. There are many that 5th-party logistics providers can offer you from solutions, as:

1. Understand your logistics requirements

Fifth Party Logistic can help you understand your desired logistics requirements, as 5th party service providers collect all requirements across the supply chain, which may be directly from the company or about the company’s future goals.

Then Fifth Party Logistic analyzes the company’s current operations and then optimizes the requirements you want, with the goal of optimizing the entire logistics process

2. Planning your logistics operation

By using your company’s specific requirements and goals, third-party service providers can plan the entire logistics process, by collaborating with the company to optimally segment its requirements.

Especially since Fifth Party Logistic has a wealth of experience and repeat experience in managing the most complex supply chains, giving your company and operations amazing additional value.

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3. Manage and fully implement your logistics solutions

After collecting your requirements, defining them, and then planning them well, Fifth Party Logistic starts implementing all those plans, by managing many operations such as warehouses, drivers, etc., so Fifth Party Logistic acts as an intermediary between the customer and other service providers.

If any problems arise, the Fifth Party Logistic is responsible and is also the one to solve them quickly, and it will also search for the best deals for the customer and determine the terms of the contract with other service providers.